miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2015


Have you ever felt scared? Everybody has. It doesn't matter how old we are, we are afraid to do something. I felt the same way when I was trying to write this entry. Why? Because, as you noticed, English is not my native tongue. But why do I want to write in another language? Sometime ago I heard a phrase: "If you want to get something new, you have to do something new", and that's why I'm doing this. I want to learn how to learn a language in a faster way.
Some months ago I saw some videos to improve the way to learn a language, my writing, my speaking, my listening was too bad, but I tried to do some things I heard could help me to learn a language faster, and I feel better, I think my English has been improved. I'm happy for that reason, and now I want to share with others what helped me. I'm not a teacher, I'm a student, but I decided to learn from people who learn languages in an amazing way. They are called polyglots.

I remember the day I saw the following video, It was so amazing, and I understood that if learn a language could be easy, they (polyglots), could have the key to learn any language you would like to learn.
After that, I began to look for more about polyglots, because I wanted to know the secret to learn a language faster than I was doing. I found another video about it. That video helped me a lot, because I understood that if someone want to learn a language, it is necessary to practice a lot, it is not an issue to study, it is an issue to live every single day.
I found that it is necessary to feel the language, because when you speak in your own language, it is an automatic process that occur in your mind, and for that reason it is necesary to convert a conscious process in an unconscious process, the same way we had to do when we were learning to read. An amazing example: a young man who speaks over 20 languages.
There are a lot of keys to learn to achieve our goal: "learn a new language". This is the purpose of this blog: "Learn from the giants", I mean polyglots.
Also you can find more information about polyglots on internet. I want to show you some links to learn more about them.



I hope this entry would be helpful to you.